Vertex ATC Refractometer
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Maintaining a stable salinity is one of the most important aspects of reef tank husbandry. Gone are the days when the serious hobbyist relied on Hydrometers to keep tabs on this crucial parameter. Now these vital measurements are easily monitored with the Vertex" Refractometer.

Easy to Read
Each Vertex" Refractometer features their Clear View oversized display to ensure the easiest, most accurate readings possible in two scales (1.0% salinity and 0.001 specific gravity).

Vertex" Refractometers also feature Automatic Temperature Calibration (ATC). Simply put, the unit will self-adjust all samples to the proper reading temperature, increasing the ease of use. Additionally, the insulated, non-slip rubber grip will keep external sources of heat, such as hand warmth, from interfering with an accurate sample reading.

Robust Construction
Vertex" Refractometers have an all-metal body housing for added durability. A large rubber hood both provides additional protection to the eyepiece and prevents foreign light from entering the unit body.

Easy to Use
It takes less than a minute to use the Vertex" Refractometer. Simply place a few drops of water on the refracting lens and look through the eyepiece and take note of the boundary between blue and white. That's it! You now have an accurate measurement of your tank's salinity.

Protect your investment. Affordable and more accurate than a hydrometer, Vertex" Refractometers are the ultimate solution to salinity measurements.

Exclusive Features
Clear View oversized, easy to read display.
Automatic Temperature Calibration (ATC).
Comes with mini screwdriver for easy calibration.
Sampling pipette included.

Technical Data
Total length 7"
Gradient scale (1.0% salinity and 0.001 specific gravity
Stainless steel housing.

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