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V2O SCALLOPS on the Half Shell 112g (4oz)

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FROZEN FOOD Flat Rate $39.99 Shipping Charge - All frozen food is shipped in an extra thick insulated foam box with dry ice. It ships 2 days service or less and will arrive frozen just like you pulled it from the freezer. This keeps the foods protein and nutritional quality in tact. For the time being, we ship Frozen Food orders TUESDAY ONLY. If you order later in the week, we will hold the order and ship out first available frozen shipping day.

V2O SCALLOPS on the Half Shell 112g (4oz)

Scallops on the Half Shell!
Scallops on the Half Shell. An excellent and TOTALLY UNIQUE food for all carnivorous tropical fish. Fish love to hover around this natural food and pick out the delicately flavored meaty parts. Excellent for finicky eaters and for larger fish like triggers, puffers, wrasses and moray eels.
INGREDIENTS: Natural Whole Scallop Meat still attached to the Shell

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