Ultralife Liquid Phosphate Remover Treats 1850 gallons
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Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control
Ultralife Liquid Phosphate Remover & Control safely and effectively removes phosphate (P04) from your aquarium. Simply add .25 ml for each 8 gallons of aquarium water to remove 1 ppm. It is recommended not to remove more than 1 ppm in a 24 hour period. To avoid tank cloudiness, add to a skimmer or mechanical filter intake.
Can be used in combination with Ultralife Hair & Sludge Removal System to create best possible environment for you aquarium.
Treats up to 1850 Gallons
Keep out of reach of children.
For Aquarium Use Only
Safe For ALL Freshwater and Marine Tanks
2 Fluid Ounces
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