Ultralife 60 watt UV sterilizer - Remote Electronic Ballast
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The'Ultra-V' is now available and has well been worth the wait. These units features include: water tight gasketted housing, hard quartz sleeve, inline bulb replacement, high efficiency remote electronic ballast.
And what we feel is the BEST feature of all: The SIZE-- under 22" long. Great for Ponds, Fresh and Marine applications.

The "Ultra-V" Ultra Violet Sterilizers are excellent choices for Freshwater, Saltwater and Pond applications. These units are water tight and utilize hard quartz sleeves for peak performance. The design also allows for UV Bulb replacement without the need to remove the unit from it's installed position.

Allowing for a maximum flow rates up to 1500 GPH, these units are designed to be used with your favorite water pumps.
Based on a 70,000 W sec/cm2 (microwatt seconds per square centimeter) the flowrates are as follows:

16 Watt UV Unit 430 gph
40 Watt UV Unit 1000 gph
60 Watt UV Unit 1500 gph

By changing the flow rate through the UV unit you will change the effective "kill power" of the UV unit.

For example: If you only allow 215 gph thru the 16 watt unit, you will effectively increase the kill power to 140,000 W sec/cm2 (microwatt seconds per square centimeter). And also the opposite, by increasing the flow rate you will lower the "kill power".

The "Ultra-V" is made in the USA and has a 1 year warranty on the Unit and Ballast, and 30 days on the UV Bulb and Quartz Sleeve.




ULTRAV16 2" x 22" 16 watts
ULTRAV40 2" x 22" 40 watts
ULTRAV60 2" x 22" 60 watts


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