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Tunze Turbelle High Jet Replacement Osmolator Pump

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 The Turbelle High Jet is a replacement dosing pump with safety extra low voltage 12 V DC for Osmolator nano 3152 and Osmolator 3155 and belongs to a new generation of centrifugal pumps with a high delivery height and small dimensions. They are very quiet and almost wear-free thanks to the new pump bearings and high-performance drive. It is suitable for use in or out of the water and operates on safety extra-low voltage. The Turbelle® High Jet pump comes standard with a push-in fitting for the supplied PU hose (3 m x ø6 mm / 118" x ø 0.24").
Dimensions (L x W x H): 78 x 41 x 41 mm (3.1" x 1.6" x 1.6")
Performance with 6 mm tube (0.24"):
1.0 m - 120 l/h (39.4" - 31.7 US gal.)
1.5 m - 100 l/h (59.1" - 26.4 US gal.)
2.0 m - 83 l/h (78.8" - 21.9 US gal.)
Hmax: 6.2 m (20.3 ft)
Extensive security measures
Integrated protection against reverse polarity, dry running and blockage. The motor is firmly encapsulated to protect it from corrosion. The entire housing is made of polycarbonate and is therefore particularly impact-resistant.
High-tech cable especially for demanding aquaristics
With remarkably high abrasion resistance, seawater resistance and extreme resistance to mechanical impact. As a result, it does not harden in water like PVC cables. With an extra high-contrast intermediate cable sheathing to detect damage at an early stage.
Produced in Bavaria by MEDI Kabel.
Includes hose and hose connector
The set includes a corrosion-resistant, screw-in push-in fitting (¼ inch BSP to ø6 mm). In addition, a PU hose made entirely in Germany - low-emission, hydrolysis-resistant, microbe-resistant, flexible, but does not tend to kink when laid. The Turbelle High Jet 5000.021 pump is therefore a practical 1:1 upgrade for Osmolator 3155 and Osmolator nano 3152.
Standard connectors for high compatibility
½ inch thread on the suction side.
¼ inch thread on the pressure side.
High-tech engine technology straight from our flagships. Motor without cogging torque and with a real 3-phase sine wave for particularly quiet operation.
High-tech materials for maximum wear resistance
Based on years of development and experience, the Turbelle High Jet pump uses a precisely manufactured hydrodynamic bearing with excellent emergency running properties.
5 years warranty
Like all our Turbelle pumps, the High Jet is "built to last" according to our highest standards. Our exclusive service is automatically included. Without registration and without hidden hurdles. And of course always accommodating instead of petty-minded.
High pressure in a small housing
The hydraulics were specially designed for high pressures. With a maximum delivery head of 6.2 m (20.3 ft), even demanding special cases can be handled. Conveying from the basement into the living room or even the high resistance of heat exchangers do not pose a challenge.
Suitable for operation in or out of the water
The suction and pressure sides can be integrated into line systems. The motor is thermally designed for external operation, but can also be operated fully submerged.
Compatible with existing and older devices
The Osmolator® nano throttles the power of the originally supplied pump using PWM (pulse width modulation). Large capacitors are integrated into the Turbelle High Jet in order to be able to guarantee reliable condition monitoring even then. For this purpose, the flow rate is precisely matched to the operating point of the Osmolator nano. So an upgrade of the Osmolator is possible without restrictions
Made in Germany
It doesn't matter whether it's the special plastic parts from our own injection molding department, the winding of the motor, the soldering of the coils to the electronics, the encapsulation, the assembly of the individual parts and the testing of each pump, the Turbelle High Jet is traditionally manufactured at our headquarters.


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