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Tunze DOC Skimmer 9410

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Recommended for aquariums up to 1,000 litres (264 USgal.) of salt water.
Immersion depth from 140 mm (5.5 in.) to 240 mm (9.4 in.),
Dimensions without post-filter: L250 x W113 x H418 mm (L9.8 x W4.4 x H16.4 in.)
Water throughput: 900 l/h (237 USgal./h)
(115 V / 60 Hz, 15 W, water flow rate: 999 l/h (264 USgal./h)
Air capacity: 600 l/h (158 USgal./h), skimmer cup volume: .7 l (.18 USgal.).

Customer Reviews

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Works well but....... Jul 10, 2016
Very sensitive to water height.

Very thin and light plastic construction.

Skimmer cup cheaply made causing it to make buzzing sounds, have to play with it to minimize the noise. Skimmer cup is difficult to remove, very snug fit into the skimmer body because riser tube is part of the cup. No "O" rings used at all on the skimmer cup for sealing.

Very little control over water output, just air intake.

Cannot remove filter sock holder as it also acts as a flow director. Without the sock holder water flows straight up out of the return tube and into the area of the pump intake.

Pump very well made which is typical of Tunze pumps.

The unit does skim very well once you dial it in and it will take some time to tweak it in.

After four weeks of playing around with it I put my Reef Octopus Classic 150 INT back in the sump and walked away from it.

The Tunze skimmer now rests on my basement shelf of bad decisions. Definitely not worth the asking price of 329.00.
you are the best Jul 8, 2016
I decided to wait a year before writing a thorough review on Tunze's 9410.00 protein skimmer. Here it is. Pros: Relatively quiet (motor and air production inaudible unless your within a foot of the skimmer.) It has controllability on air to water ratio intake (for wet or dry skimming). 9410 is easy to clean (this is important people!!) Large collection cup (larger aftermarket available too!!) Low power consumption Built in overflow protector Extreme skimmate production (yes, extreme.) Efficient skim memory ( if it looses power you don't have to tweak it). Customer service-(bar none, class A service- another important one, people!!!! do not overlook this!!!).
Cons: Skimmate stinks (I guess this can be a pro?). Overflow water from skimmer can be noisy depending on water level ( there are tweaks you can do to decrease the sound during break-in).

The collection cup seems frail (It is thinner acrylic, but so far no issues, be gentle handling it though DO NOT DROP IT!)
9410 also has a larger footprint (needs a larger sump-measure, measure!) Overall, I can see past all the cons as the pros "skims" them all- including the competition for its price point to value in the skimmer range selection of up to 264g. I use this on 150g mixed reef. Tunze is real toys for real reefers. Do your research, then get your credit card out and just buy it already, you wont regret it.