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Tunze Comline Multifilter 3168

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Comline® Multifilter 3168
Recommended for fresh and sea water, depending on the tank load from 200 to 500 liters (53 - 132 USgal.), immersion depth: approx. 270mm (10 5/8“) to 290mm (11 5/12“) in the aquarium and min. 250mm (9 7/8“) in cabinet systems, variable pump capacity from 500 to 2.200 l/h (132 to 581 USgal./h), 8 - 15W, 230V/50 Hz (115V/60 Hz), dimensions with Magnet Holder: L 140mm (5 1/2“) x W 110mm (4 1/3“) H x 300mm  (11 7/8“), Silence Magnet Holder for up to 15mm (1/2“) glass thickness.
The practical quick filter for every aquarium...
The Comline Multifilter 3168 is a mechanical quick filter for aquariums from 200 to 500 liters (53 to 132 USgal.), completely installation-ready with a cartridge quick-change filter, Comline Pump 2000 and Silence Magnet Holder. The filter can be used for both bottom as well as surface water, and its performance is easily adjustable from 500 up to 2200l/h (132 to 581 USgal.). It can be retrofitted with the Osmolator 3155 to enable a perfect surface suction as well as the required compensation for the evaporation. Instead of the installed Filter Cartridges 800.01, it is also possible to use the Activated Carbon Acrylic Wadding Cartridges 800.03 or Refillable Cartridges 870/871 for carbon, Quickphos, Silphos or loose wadding.
... is also a universal internal filter for all filter media.  Only two parts need to be replaced (included in the delivery) and the Multifilter is transformed into a universal internal filter with a filter volume of 1200cm3 (73 in3). It can be refilled with all kinds of loose micro and macro wadding, activated carbon or other filter media, and integrates itself as a main filter into aquariums from 200 to 500 liters (53 to 132 USgal.) and also as an additional filter for a targeted filtering (activated carbon, zeolite, etc.) in larger systems. Silicone buffers on the Multifilter prevent the transfer of vibrations to the aquarium glass pane.

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