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Tropic Marin CLASSIC Sea Salt 10 kg/80 Gal.

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Tropic Marin
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Pure, pharmaceutical grade sea salt containing all trace elements found in natural seawater.
From (osmosis-) water to seawater. Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC is made up of all of the macro elements and trace elements in a natural balance, contained within the ocean, and it is free from artificial additives, nitrates and phosphates. The trace elements remain completely soluble in the mixed crystals. Contains appropriate amounts of bicarbonates which stabilize the aquariums alkalinity and pH.
Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC is an ideal foundation for the care and growth of all marine organisms in an aquarium. Use seawater prepared with Tropic Marin® Sea Salt CLASSIC for regular water changes in your seawater aquarium, to start a new aquarium and to re-equilibrate the pH of a tank.

Customer Reviews

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Great product Jan 24, 2022
You have zero idea how cheap I am & what lengths I will go to, to save a buck. But salt is an exception. Which is pennies more anyways. Decade and a half of reefing, used different salts over the years. Never had to clean a drum where Tropic marin was mixed. Will never ever use anything else except Tropic. Im not spending my Saturday cleaning drums, tunes and pumps.. And Premium Aquatics has great pricing and FREE SHIPPING. The other guys go hard on the minimums. Love this place.