Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock 5 LB BOX - DRY
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Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock(STB)  – Pre-Cured, DRY
Pictures show are a general representation, actual pieces received will vary in shape,size, and colorings.
Proud to introduce a new branch rock from Tropic Eden! If you're looking for branch
rock with fantastic shapes and color, take a look at this rock!  Just like Tonga branches
found in the natural coral reef, you'll find a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet any
tank needs. Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock is pre-cured in clean 33ppt
seawater, and is ready for use in reef or other types of saltwater aquariums. This rock is
sold DRY, and per pound. Generally most pieces range in 2-3lbs, and size around
6x8".... but will vary from piece to piece.  We saw some that were as small as 2x4", and
others that went up to 8x16".
Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock
Tropic Eden Supreme Tonga Branch Rock is composed of reef aragonite calcium
carbonates, calcareous alkalis and other reef minerals, and is formed by mineralization
and carbonization strengthened by special heat treatment, which makes TE’s STB rock
stronger than cement at the same density and porosity. The aragonite and calcareous
materials help stabilize alkalinity and the pH level of aquarium water which are critical to
the health of coral and other reef inhabitants. Unlike rocks made with very dense solid
of cement concrete, TE’s STB rock is full of tiny pores inside and has the same low
weight and density as Tonga branches found in the natural coral reef.
The surface of TE’s STB rock is fortified with a special blend of organic reef-safe
pigments, reef trace elements/minerals, and natural colloidal compound that tightly fuse
with the underlying calcareous rock material, creating a strong complex of beautiful
pinkish purple coralline colors that will stay true and vibrant for many years, which is
able to withstand fading even in areas exposed to the most light under normal reef
aquarium condition. The true brilliance of the colors of TE’s STB rock can best reveal in
aquarium water under full spectrum lighting. In normal healthy reef aquarium, TE’s STB
rocks will get covered quickly by coralline algae like natural live rocks. In addition, the
complex and the specially formed rough surfaces of TE’s STB rocks provide trillions of
microscopic holes, pits and surface area which serve as excellent shelters and home for
the colonization of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms. Our study show that
reef bacteria and bacterial biofilm have an exceptional propensity to grow and to form
on TE’s STB rocks. Over time, trace amounts of reef elements and minerals will get
released by the biological activities and acidification of bacteria and microorganisms
which will then be taken up for growth by corals and calcareous algae.
The shapes of TE’s STB rocks are SUPREME! They completely resemble the natural
Tonga branches, and can easily be stacked against each other to form very natural and
stable foundation and structures to hold and to display coral with interesting forms
limited only by one’s imagination! TE’s STB rock is highly recommended by advanced
aquarists as a super realistic, sustainable and pest free alternative to natural reef rocks.
• Pre-cured, clean, and ready to be used in reef or other saltwater aquariums
• Made with aragonite, calcareous materials and reef minerals.
• Same weight and density as natural Tonga branches.
• Zero environmental impact to the natural coral reefs.
• Unlike polyresin rocks or ornaments, TE’s STB rock will break if dropped on hard
surfaces or the floor. Handle with care.
• Free of pest, unwanted hitchhiking critters, dead sponges or algae.
• Not made with plastics, epoxy resin, or polyresin.
• No phosphates, no nitrates, no unwanted nutrients or harmful materials.
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