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Tropic Eden Morroca Irregular Rock 1 Extension - Small - ONE Piece (1.95-2.5lbs)

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Tropic Eden
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NOTES: This is 1 Piece total, approx weight 2.2 pounds.  Pictures are a sample of 3 rocks (1.95lb, 2.2lb and 2.4lb) The group picture is all 3 pieces put together to make a beautiful small reef.) The Morroca Irregular Rock 1 Extension Small is a smaller building block like the Irregular with 1 spot extended out to create some dimension. We recommend for the final pieces of your structure or mixed with Irregular but it's so beautiful you can use it all as the your decorative pieces as well.

SHIPPING DAMAGE: This rock is extremely fragile. It will be wrapped in bubble wrap and we will take every precaution pack and ship it to arrive in excellent condition but you should expect some damage, if it's extreme damage please contact us. The good part is if you have a few pieces stap off you can easily super glue back with either standard super glue or one of our coral super glues that is a little more thick.
Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock
What is Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock?
Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is a stunning mix of master craftmanship and science resembling the famed and highly sought after natural premium reef rock from Fiji and Marshall Island. Its wildly irregular shapes and forms with macro and micro network of intertwined tunnels as well as the large amount of pores, nooks and crannies allow Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rocks to lock tightly on each other with ease at all points and sides to make beautiful rockscape limited only by one’s imagination. The many caves, crevices, and holes available not only allow for ample amount of water circulation among and through the Morroca rocks, but also provide an ideal breeding ground and dwelling place for all pods, fish, invertebrates, and corals. There are many different major categories of shapes, forms and sizes to suit your need.
Highlights of Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock
• Wide variety of shapes and forms in different sizes: Irregular Shape, Irregular with One Extension, Irregular with Two Extensions, Shelf, Pedestal Shelf, Arch, Single Cave, Double Cave, High Top Cave, Double-Rock Shape, Morroca Cradle, …
• Fish and other inhabitants in the tank absolutely love to hide out among all the shelters and places provided by Tropic Eden Morroca rocks instead of wandering around desperately and miserably in search of a safe place to rest. The Morroca rocks greatly reduce both aggression and mortality of fish and other inhabitants especially for newly arrived fish in the tank which are most at risk of being bullied.
• Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is extremely easy to lock on each other and to stack up to create spectacular rockscape which you have never imagined before.
• Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is very light in weight. You get significantly more rock for the buck!
How is Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock Made?
Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is made of clean aragonite snow calcium carbonate, calcareous alkalis and reef minerals - the same material found in reef building corals. Each piece is unique and special as it is individually created through multiple steps of mineralization and carbonization strengthened by special heat treatment, thereafter colored with inert reef safe pigments into various shades of coralline algae-like colors, then further stabilized and cured for six months before hitting the market, which makes Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock stronger and better than many typical artificial rocks made of cement.
Tropic Eden Morroca and Reef Harvested Reef Rock
Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock does not leach any PO4 or NO3 unlike reef rocks taken out from the sea, neither does it carry any disease or nuisance hitchhikers from the wild or unclean system. Therefore, it is a phosphate free and pest free alternative to reef harvested reef rocks. Tropic Eden Morroca exhibits the same physical and chemical properties as natural premium reef rocks, and is porous and lightweight or even more so compared to the natural premium reef rock. Since Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is manmade and does not affect the natural resources, it is sustainable and the perfect choice for the environmentally friendly aquarists.
Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock is Clean and Ready to Go
Newly arrived Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock does not typically need to be rinsed or washed before use because it is clean and ready to go. It is neither recommended to soak the rocks with bleach because it may cause discoloration of the coralline-colored layer just like the case for natural live rock that is covered with coralline algae. Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock also stays strong and vibrant under sunlight and reef lightings, and will be a beautiful part of your aquarium for a long time to come.
Other Benefits of Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock
• In healthy reef aquarium, Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock will randomly get covered by coralline algae which will blend beautifully with the manmade coralline colors on the rock.
• Nitrifying, denitrifying bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms will quickly colonize the large number of microscopic holes and pits on both the rough surface and deep within.
• The natural calcareous alkalis and reef minerals used in making Tropic Eden Morroca Reef Rock will be unlocked by the biological activities and acidification of bacteria, worms and microorganisms, and will help stabilize the alkalinity and pH level of aquarium water. Corals and calcareous algae will also take up these alkalis and trace minerals for their growth.



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