Trigger Systems Crystal ELITE Sump 36x16x15
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Trigger Systems specializes in aquarium sump manufacturing. We manufacture all sumps here in Dallas, TX. We build each sump as if it were our own. We take pride in the robustness, efficiency of the design and visual appeal of our sumps. All sumps come with a full top support brace which are made of a solid piece of material. Without this the sump will over time begin to bow out from the humidity and water pressure. We also round instead of squaring the corners which exponentially increases the strength of the corner.
We have taken feedback from our customers through the years to enhance our products. Small things in the design aspect will pay off considerably when putting the sumps to use. A simple example is that we always maximize the distance between the protein skimmer location and the return pump in an effort to minimize the chance for micro bubbles returning to the display. All of our sumps come with a refugium section that can be used to house other equipment if a refugium is not desired on the particular setup.

The CRYSTAL series sumps have the same design and quality as the RUBY series sumps but are made of all clear material. The differences when compared to the equivalent RUBY sump:
Same or slightly smaller dimensions
All clear material instead of the RUBY red
No probe holder
Some of the features of the CRYSTAL sumps are:
Locking Filter Sock Holder
Dual platforms (SUMP model)
Protein Skimmer section
Refugium section

Dual Platforms
CRYSTAL SUMP models come with dual platforms in the space before the return section. The top platform comes with a foam block filter and the bottom one is open to use for several different filtration methods (bag of carbon, bio balls, rubble rock, etc.). This feature is on the SUMP models only.

Locking Filter Sock Holder
Filter socks snap and lock into the filter sock holders to secure the filter sock from falling out when it becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. The 4” filter socks are 100 micron rating.

Draw String Tabs
Tabs are located on the top support brace in front of the 1” bulkhead fittings which are included. The purpose of these tabs is to provide a location for tying off 7” diameter filter socks that have draw strings.

The ELITE models allow for separate water flow through the refugium section allowing for faster flow through the rest of the sump.

Section 1 of the ELITE diagram above is the refugium section. The flow rate through the refugium can be controlled based on the type of algae that is housed there. There are several ways to feed water into the refugium.

    Split or use one of the drain lines from the tank
    Tee off from the return pump
    Use a small pump that sits inside the sump

If splitting off one of the drains from the tank is the method chosen, then it is recommended to put valves on both lines after the split to control flow. Water flows from the refugium into Section 2. Section 2 is where the water from the main tank enters through the filter socks. This is the section where the protein skimmer typically sits. Water from this section goes over a baffle and through a foam block filter which is provided and then under a baffle into Section 3. Section 3 is the return water section back into the tank. This is where the return pump will sit.


Model Dimensions Skimmer Section Refugium Section Return Section Total Water Volume Skimmer
Water Level
Crystal 30S 30 x 12 x 15" 11 x 11.5" 9.5 x 11.5" 6 x 11.5" 21.3 Gal 9.5" Fixed
Crystal 36S 36 x 14 x 15" 12 x 13.5" 12.25 x 13.5" 8 x 13.5" 30.6 Gal 9.5" Fixed
Crystal 30E 30 x 16 x 15" 15.5 x 11" 18.25 x 7.625" 15 x 7.625" 28.7 Gal 7.5" Fixed
Crystal 36E 36 x 16 x 15" 15.5 x 12.5" 22.75 x 7.625" 19.5 x 7.625" 35.1 Gal 7.5" Fixed
Crystal 18C 18 x 18 x 15" 10.875 x 11" 6.5 x 11.5" 6.4375 x 11" 20 Gal 9.5" Fixed



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