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Trigger System TITANIUM 39" Sump

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Trigger Systems
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Trigger Systems is proud to introduce the Titanium line of sumps and ATOs. The Titanium line, as all of Trigger Systems products, are well thought out and may just be the last sump that you will ever buy. The front end of the sump where the water enters has multiple options to configure for the exact type of filtration desired, including filter socks or a fleece roller (fleece roller sold separately). The fleece roller design takes the same approach as the Platinum line with several new enhancements, including a larger return area and ability to remove plates and clean the entire fleece area.
At first glance the Titanium line may look overwhelming, but Trigger Systems has added all of the core accessories and options and looking deeper shows the simplicity of the design. Cosmetically this line will look great in any setup. The bottom is white and the surrounding walls are smoke along with a blue top. The front and top are wrapped in a solid black to provide the best look for the build in multi-colored LEDs. The LEDs can be configured from an app or with the remote. There is a nice holder for the LED remote as well. The black wrap also allows for countersunk components on the top which looks great.
All of the plumbing fittings (input from tank, several individual in the middle section, and output to the tank) are all on plates. Blank plates are provided for all of these to allow drilling for other fitting sizes or to fill the space when the fittings are not needed. Every section of the top can be covered with clear polycarbonate lids that are counter sunk into the top brace. For dosing and ATO connection, there are six quick connect fittings. There is also a slot for a Neptune Liquid Level sensor (LLS) and if not used it also comes with a blank plate to fill the space to keep a great look!
The middle wall is move-able to custom size the two sections. This is great for setting the space needed exactly for your protein skimmer maximizing the other section of a refugium or other equipment. The middle wall is also removable to create one large section. The water height is adjustable in the front section of the sump to set the height required by the protein skimmer. There are three wire holders strategically placed to hold the wires and hoses and keep them in place while looking great. The four position probe holder and the heater holder are attached to the sump using magnets which allow you to place them wherever in the sump you want.
Dimensions: 34″ long x 15″ wide x 15″ high
Uses Titanium Fleece Kit 10″
Middle Section: 16.75″ x 14.5″
Return Pump Section: 7″ x 14.5″
Total Water Volume: 31 gallons
Skimmer Water Level: 7″ to 9.5″ adjustable
Dimensions: 39″ long x 16″ wide x 15″ high
Uses Titanium Fleece Kit 10″
Middle Section: 20.75″ x 15.5″
Return Pump Section: 8″ x 15.5″
Total Water Volume: 40 gallons
Skimmer Water Level: 7″ to 9.5″ adjustable
The Titanium sumps come with with build in LEDs to light up the sump with multiple color options including color changing patterns. There is a remote to configure the LED colors and patterns and you can use an app to do this as well. There is a holder in the front right of the sump to hold the LED remote which can be removed if not needed. The LEDs help to light up the sump and the surrounding area of the cabinet. A lot of people have installed door sensors that will turn the LEDs on when the doors are opened and then shut them off when the doors are closed. This is typically done using the aquarium controller.
The sump comes standard with 4″ filter socks. The socks also have silencers that sit inside the socks. There is also a black filter pad that can be placed on top of the filter socks to help reduce noise further and also provide additional mechanical filtration.
FLEECE ROLLER (sold separately)
The Titanium sumps can have a fleece roller added (sold separately). The fleece roller uses the new motor controller with optical sensors and a small screen to configure a bunch of features. The Titanium fleece kit comes with all the parts needed to convert the Titanium sump to use the fleece roller and also comes with 2 fleece rolls to get started.
Also sold separately, a large drop in tray can be added for multiple filtration options, including bio/filter balls, bags for phosphate or carbon or stack multiple different sized mechanical filtration pads. There is also a black foam pad that is included to place at the bottom of the tray to get started.
Every section has a flush mounted lid made of polycarbonate so they won’t bow over time. The lids help to reduce noise and also reduce evaporation.
There are three wire holders that have multiple sizes to hold all of your wires to keep things nice and tidy. The three flush wire holders are placed under the motor controller, just before the return section and in the return section.
Plumbing inputs and outputs are all installed with plates. For each of these areas there are blank plates also provided. This allows you to either drill these plates for other configurations or to fill the space when these are not used so the sump continues to look nice. These are located on the left side for the inputs from the tank, two in the middle of the sump and also on the right side for the return pumps. The two in the middle are typically used for the third drain from the tank for systems that have 3 drains and also for external equipment like a UV sterilizer.
In the back right of the sump there is a space allocated for holding a Neptune Liquid Level Sensor (LLS). If this feature is not used, then you can use the blank plate to fill the space and keep the sump looking nice without the sensor. Shown is the 4″ level sensor. The 15″ level sensor sticks out of the sump as it is taller than the height of the sump.
The PLATINUM series has all the bells and whistles. Below is a list of additional features. We will add more details soon.
1. Six 0.25″ tubing quick disconnects for dosing and ATO
2. Magnetic four position probe holder
3. Two magnetic heater holders
4. Center wall move-able and removable
5. Wire channels to hide wires
6. Adjustable water level with self adjusting top platform
7. Dual acrylic platforms with diamond cut out pattern
8. Vinyl water level markings
9. Sliding cross brace

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