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Sustainable Aquatic's (DT'S) Premium Reef Blend Live Phytoplankton 15 OZ

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DT's Phytoplankton
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Tridacnid clams get most of their energy from light in the form of sugar and absorb nitrogen from the water column. They also need complex fats and protein that they only get from feeding on live phytoplankton. Tridacnid clams have the same organ systems for ingesting or rejecting particles as the clams used in the above study.

Sustainable Aquatic's (Formely DT's) Live Marine Phytoplankton - Premium Reef Blend:
Premium Reef Blend contains three nutritious species of algae and diatoms; Nannochloropsis oculata, Phaeodactylum tricornutum and Chlorella with a cell size from 2-20 microns. Premium Reef Blend provides excellent nutrition for the largest
variety of reef inhabitants including, clams and other filter feeding mollusks, soft corals, gorgonians, feather duster worms, tunicates, sponges and zooplankton (copepods and invertebrate larvae). The increase in zooplankton will provide nutrition for stony corals. Premium Reef Blend is used by hobbyists and researchers at major universities around the world.

Sustainable Aquatic's Live Marine Phytoplankton — For Nano Reef Aquariums
Premium Reef Blend is so concentrated that hobbyists with nano reef aquariums found that it was difficult to dose and they could not use it up before the expiration date. Sustainable Aquatic's Live Marine Phytoplankton — For Nano Reef Aquariums is less concentrated for use in these very small aquariums.

Species selection:
Only nutritious species of phytoplankton that survive refrigerated storage while retaining their nutritional value are used. While the species commonly used in commercial aquaculture make for good marketing points, the claims are false
because these species are only effective foods if used from actively growing culture. Isochrysis, Pavlova, Tetraselmis & Rhodomonas immediately lose their effectiveness as a food if stored in a refrigerator, even if a small percentage of cells remain alive for a short time. Adding preservatives does not change this fact.

Concentrated and cleaned:
Sustainable Aquatic's Plankton Farm uses our proprietary process to gently concentrate and clean our phytoplankton without damaging the living cells. The effect is concentrated washed phytoplankton cells. We concentrate the phytoplankton, then we add clean saltwater and concentrate it again. The process is repeated 3 times. This process washes out most of the culture media to remove metals that may build up in reef aquariums and nutrients that would adversely affect the storage of these products.

Feeding phytoplankton — not contaminated water:
Sustainable Aquatic's Live Marine Phytoplankton is 16 times the density of non-concentrated phytoplankton with only 8.3% of the culture media left in the final product. To feed a comparable amount of phytoplankton with a non-concentrated product, 200 times the amount of contaminates are also added to the aquarium.

No preservatives or additives needed or used in any of our live phytoplankton products.

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