Somatic UF-1 Media Reactor
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Effective, efficient and easy to use. The Somatic Aquaristik

UF-1 Fluidized Media Reactor is an up-flow reactor designed to be used with carbon, GFO or bio-pellets. The UF-1 comes ready to plumb and installs using the hang on back mount or on a flat surface.  

For aquariums up to 120 gallons  
Specially designed flow plates to spread water evenly through your media  
Silicone O-ring for a tight seal  
Regulating flow valve included to fine tune your flow  
½ inch hose barbs for easy installation.  
Hose Clamps included for proper installation  
Hang on back hanger with leveling screw 
Includes foam pads for fine filter media  
4.3” x 3.3” x 13.0” Tall  
1100 ml capacity  
Handles flow of up to 240 GPH depending on the media used.

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