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Simplicity 320DC Protein Skimmer with DC Pump

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Simple. Effective. Affordable.
You are going to love Simplicity DC Skimmers. Our skimmers use a controllable DC pump and needle wheel; regarded as one of the best methods to shred air and water to create micro fine bubbles. Our skimmers provide one of the keys to a successful protein skimming: long contact time between water and air. The bubble plate, wedge pipe indicator, air intake adjustment and controllable pump allow you to achieve the best performance for your unique system.

Adjustable DC pump speed
Small foot print
Cone shape design
Feed Button
Thumbscrew assembly for easy cleaning
Easy to read wedge pipe setting indicator
Bayonette locking collection cup
Collection cup drain with cap
Robust build quality

Skimmer Specs:
Model Pump Watts Diameter Dimensions Airdraw Bioload Rating Warranty
Heavy Medium Light
120DC 120DC 6-12W 4.75" 6.7x6.3x18.5" 120-360l/h 60 90 120 Skimmer-2yr
240DC 240DC 9-18W 5.5" 8.3x7.9x19.5" 240-660l/h 120 180 240
320DC 320DC 14-25W 6.25" 9x8.25x21.25" 600-1200l/h 160 240 320
540DC 540DC 13-35W 7.9" 9.9x11x22" 900-1800l/h 270 405 540
800DC 800DC 25-69W 10" 12.2x13.4x23.7" 1200-2400l/h 400 600 800



Customer Reviews

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Awesome skimmer May 3, 2022
This thing's a beast very well built skims amazing best skimmer I've owned.
Extremely well built and then some Jun 8, 2021
This is a great to see the 6.3" skimmer built so well and heavy. Was very surprised at the weight of the Motor alone. There is a three year prorated warranty on the box and I called to ask a couple questions and they were available fast. Have bought a lot skimmers since the 2000's and this is very fair deal in skimmer land.