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Sicce Syncra Advanced 7 Pump - 1900gph

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Syncra ADV Pumps
Syncra ADV represents the next generation of the Syncra range. With multiple uses and improved power consumption and technical details, Syncra ADV reconīŦrms SICCE as the market leader for synchronous motor pumps. 
Our pumps have been designed to meet the highest expectations of quality
and perfomance. Regular maintenance will guarantee a longer lifetime and the performance customers love about the Syncra line. These pumps are half the size and power consumption of the Syncra line.
VERSATILITY: can be run internally or externally; 360° rotation prechamber for horizontal or vertical positioning.
QUIET OPERATION: polished ceramic shaft and bearings with unmatched
HEAT REDUCTION: optimized hydraulic system supported by high quality components and a calibrated forced internal recirculation which guarantees minimum heat transfer.
• Excellent energy efficiency with a near perfect power
factor (cos? – : almost= 1) Energy savings pays for the pump
• New rubber feet are custom designed bumpers to protect from vibration on all sides of the pump, not just the bottom
• Automatic power shut off switch protects pump if it runs dry

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SICCE Syncra Advanced Return Pump

SICCE Syncra Advanced Return Pump