Sicce HyperGarlic & Vitamin C 6oz Spray Bottle
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HyperGarlic Flavor Enhancer and Feeding Stimulant
• Suitable for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquarium fish.
• All-natural formula, no harsh chemicals
• Less uneaten food means better water quality and reduced maintenance
HyperGarlic fish food flavor enhancer and feeding stimulant provides superior flavor and attraction. Complex aromatic compounds released during bio-processing stimulate fish olfactory receptors to elicit a feeding response. HyperGarlic, enriched with Vitamin C, encourages stressed fish to resume feeding. Adding HyperGarlic to oral medications can result in greater consumption, and thus enhanced effectiveness.
HyperGarlic may be applied to food as a coating or mixed with food. Either way, it is a superior flavor enhancer and feeding stimulant. In situations where fish have stopped eating, as is often the case with parasite infestations, injuries or disease, HyperGarlic can be added directly to the aquarium water. Use HyperGarlic in conjunction with HyperCure for enhanced results when treating parasites.
Available in 4 oz. sprayer bottle.
• Store closed in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
• Keep out of the reach of children. 
• Follow label directions for best results.
• This product is safe for use with all aquarium fish but may not be used with fish intended for human consumption.
Directions for Use: Spray a small amount on any food immediately before feeding to fish. Use in conjunction with HyperCure when treating parasites.
Stress Affects Fish Health
The simple act of moving fish from one aquarium to another creates stress. Stress results from poor or declining water quality, also. Fish often react to stress with a reduced or absent feeding response. HyperGarlic helps restore the natural feeding response, encouraging fish to consume the nutrition they need to combat stress. 
Store in a cool dry place. 
Keep out of reach of children.
Manufactured exclusively for and Distributed by Sicce USA.
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