Seaswirl Oscillator 3/4"
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Total height of 3/4" model - 4 3/4 Inches
Max Flow Rate of 3/4" Model - 850 GPH

Sea Swirl's Rotating Return Device is designed to increase circulation, health, and life of the corals and fish in your tank.

Sea Swirl Units are not submersible.All Sea Swirl units now have adjustable inlet for easier positioning of incoming water line.All units supplied with a black FPT x FPT inlet filling for hard plumbing with PVC and a barb fitting is included for hose connections.Stronger backet assembly with 3/8" adjustment screws on 3/4" & 1" modelsOscillates the return from your existing pump or canister filter 90 degrees every 60 seconds.180 Degree oscillating capability on 1/2" and 3/4" models with optional "Y" fitting.Eliminates use of wave makers and power headsGreatly improves circulation and helps eliminate "Dead Spots"Unlike other units, operates with any pressure, nothing to hide and cannot clog.No more unidirectional flow.Natural wave motion sweeps away excess mucus and waste products.Improved circulation-stimulates growth and carries nutrients to corals and plants.Discourages growth of unwanted algae.Attaches to top frame of all standard glass aquariums (optional brackets available for acrylic tanks if needed).Supplied with adjustable black outlet fittings on 1/2" and 3/4" models (approximately 30 degrees). Outer oscillating pipe is machined for standard schedule 40 fittings.Maintenance free9 foot electric cord1 year warrantyMade in the USA - U.S. Patent # 6,321,683
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