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Seaside Aquatics Salinity/Temperature/TDS Digital Pocket Tester

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Same as most digital meters, this meter apply a work theory which is measuring the liquid conductance to determine its TDS/TEMP/Salinity value. 
Compared with regular digital meters, this one measure the frequency of input probe rather than measure voltage or current of probe to measure the conductance, and the probe use copper with platinum plating, by this way, minimize the polarization and platinum plating probe is pretty stable and fit for food salinity test as well, which means this is harmless. 
1.Large Color LCD Display Screen
2.High Resolution Measurement Reading
3.Precision Measurement Value
4.Automatic Temperature Compensation
5.Water Temperature and TDS Reading
6.Manually Calibration Setting & Include Calibration Solution  
7.Vibration Alarm for Test Start and Completion
8.Low Battery Reminding Function
9.Life Water Resistance
10.Contains Calibration Solution and Battery
Work Theory: Electronic Conductivity Measurement
Measure Range
Temperature  0 ~ 50℃
Salinity   0 ~ 50ppt
Specific Gravity 1.000 ~ 1.043
TDS 1 ~ 300 ppm
Temperature : 0.1℃ 
Salinity : 0.1ppt
Specific Gravity : 0.001
Measure Tolerance 
temperature :±1℃
salinity :±1.5ppt 
specific gravity :±0.001
7.75x1.25x1.25 inches;  1lb approx


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Product update Jan 4, 2019
Received this wonderful product in the mail today and I am very pleased with it. Easy to calibrate and easy to use over all. Readings are very accurate. 5 stars
Seaside Aquatics Salinity Temperature TDS Digital Meter

In Today's video, we take a look at the Seaside Aquatics Salinity Temperature TDS Digital Meter, which is available at Premium Aquatics.


Seaside Aquatics Salinity Pocket Tester Manual