Seaside Aquatics Salinity/Temperature/TDS Digital Pocket Tester
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1.Large Color LCD Display Screen
2.High Resolution Measurement Reading
3.Precision Measurement Value
4.Automatic Temperature Compensation
5.Water Temperature and TDS Reading
6.Manually Calibration Setting & Include Calibration Solution  
7.Vibration Alarm for Test Start and Completion
8.Low Battery Reminding Function
9.Life Water Resistance
High Resolution Salinity Measurement
Automatic Temperature Compensation
Water Temperature Reading
Large Backlit LCD Display
SG: 1.000 ~ 1.041
PPT Range: 0-50
PSU: 0-60
Temperature: 32-176°F
SG: 0.0001
PPT: 1 PSU: 1
Temperature: 0.1°F
SG: ±0.001
PPT: ±2
PSU: ±2
Temperature: ±1.5°F
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