SeaSide Aquatics - DP4 - Slave Dosing Pump 4 Pumps
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Seaside Aquatics DP4 Slave Dosing Pump. Don't forget to purchase the Master DP3 to utilize all these pumps!

Dose to your heart's, or your tank's heart's content!
Dose by the hour, anywhere from 1 to 24 times per day! Each pump can does anywhere from 1ml, all the way up to 99ml per day.

Need more pumps?
Link up to 11 pumps to dose for your every aquarium need! Seaside Aquatic's DP3 Master pump contains three pumps, with the ability to add Seaside Aquatic's DP4 slave pump, adding another 4 pumps per unit.

Extremely easy to use!
Simply set the program for which pump(s) you want to run, how many MLs, and how many hours to dose from the time you set it, and let it work it's magic!
Example: The program reads 01 99 01: This means pump #1 will dose 99ml, every 1 hour(s) from the time it was set.
Or if you were to program it to 02 99 99: This means pump #2 will does 99ml every 99 hours from the time it was set.

Please note: The display automatically shuts off, but the unit continues to run to save energy.

What's in the box?
4 Slave Dosing Pumps
Check Valves and Connectors
1 DC12V Transformer
Dosing Pump Manual



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