Seahorse Feeding Station - GLOWS in the dark!
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Train your seahorses to feed from one place, keep your tank cleaner, and save money!
The SaltCritters Seahorse feeding station is a great way to target feed your seahorses while minimizing competition from tank mates.
Minimizes the amount of food being lost in your aquarium.  
Less wasted food = cleaner aquarium and Less money spent on food.
Your seahorses will love our Seahorse feeder.
Ours sure do!
The feeding tray section is 3 5/16" x 2 3/16"
The feeding tray with seahorse hitching posts is 3 1/8" x 5 5/16"  (the back tank rest is an additional 3/4")
The tube is 5" tall.
The entire unit is 6 1/8" tall
Fits tanks up to about 2" thick
These are made to order.
We have multiple colors to choose from.  
The one in the pictures are made with Clear plastic.
We designed these to be taken apart for easier shipping and cleaning.  
For a more secure fit the tube joints can be glued or tape can be wrapped around the tube before being inserted to make a very tight yet still removable fit.
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