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Schedule 80 Tank Adapters (Bulkheads) - 1/2" Slip x Thread - Requires 1 3/8" hole

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Heavy Duty Schedule 80 Bulkhead.

Note, approx hole size is listed in description. That is the size hole that the tank should be drilled for. We highly recommend you wait till you get the bulkhead to confirm sizes before doing any custom work though. We are only providing the information that was listed at the manufacture.

• Designed for easy adaptation and a free flow of liquids for tank or drum drainage or filling, or as outlets for distribution into a piping system, these Ryan Herco Flow Solutions molded tank adapters withstand many times the most extreme service requirements.
• Assembly to a tank is simple: Cut a hole in the tank wall (using a hole saw) to the “A” dimension shown below for your fitting size.. Remove the locknut from the fitting, leaving the EPDM gasket on the body. Insert the body through the hole in the tank from the inside, trapping the washer between the tank wall and the shoulder of the tank adapter. Screw the locknut back onto the body for a tight, leak-free installation.

Check picture diagram for references below:

Size Dimensions
1/2 1-1/4 2-1/8 2-3/8
3/4 1-5/8 2-5/16 2-3/8
1 1-7/8 2-9/16 2-3/8
1-1/4 2-5/16 3-5/16 2-3/4
1-1/2 2-9/16 3-9/16 2-3/4
2 3-3/16 4-1/16 2-3/4


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