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These are a really really cool addition to anyone's aquarium. We have taken our rock designs and used their proven products to create a truly revolutionary product for the hobby.
Magnetically held rocks that make use of previously unused space in your reef.
The amount of depth and dimension these give to an existing reef aquarium is astounding!!!! They can be mounted on any of the flat wall surfaces making use of previously unused real estate in your aquarium (including the overflow boxes).

They blend in extremely well with the rest of your rock work and will give you an instant bump in the aesthetics of your Reef.

You can use one to create a ledge for growing some prized corals, or use several together to give an instant Reef Wall appearance which is infinitely customizable by you (they can be placed in any position you see fit).

The Rock-Mag is a simple way to add depth and dimension to your reef .  Made of all natural ingredients, the Rock-Mag family of products will become fully encrusted and exhibit the same nitrification benefits of live rock.  The Rock-Mag is approx. 9" wide x 5" tall x 4" deep.  Desgned for 1/2" wall thickness or less.

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