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Reeflo SwordTail-HP Pressure Water Pump

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The SwordTail is our new pressure rated version of the Dart that is perfect for 75-150 gallon tanks. It uses the same motor and pump head but the impeller is customized to allow to flow up to 20' of head pressure.

Watt Draw=155 watts
3 year repalcment warranty

  • Ports are 2" FNPT suction and 1-1/2" FNPT discharge. But don't worry, if you want or need to use smaller plumbing, go ahead and reduce it down! All you need to do is add the desired bushing on the suction side, and then make sure the discharge/output is a smaller diameter than the suction. For example, if you need to have a 1" output, then you just need to make sure the suction is 1" as well. Or if you know you want a 1" suction, then just make sure the output is the same 1" or less.
  • Units are pre-wired with an 8' cord and molded 110V plug.

    Reeflopumps can serve a wide variety of water transfer and re-circulation applications. They are designed to operate efficiently over a wide range of flows and pressures. This allows you to get exactly the flow you want.

    Draws 50% less power than comparable submersible pumps while giving more flow.

    Reeflopumps installed near areas of relaxation and entertainment generate minimal noise levels For example, the 1/4 H.P. unit has 52 dB noise level at 10'.- A normal conversation is 60 dB for reference.

    Reeflopumps are end-suction centrifugal units, designed to be placed outside the pond or water. This means no devastating 'oil slicks', no dangerous electrical situations, and no messy wading or diving to service the unit. This protects you as well as your fish!

    Motor Type
    Our motors are totally enclosed for maximum protection. Their breakthrough design provides for ultra low watt consumption, along with low temperature rise.

    Reeflopumps are manufactured in the USA of the best materials available. The motors are specially designed and custom built for long term continuous duty. Each Reeflopump is fully bench tested prior to shipping.

    Reeflopumps produce a maximum flow rate with minimal electrical consumption. The money saved from lower operating costs, can pay for the pump in a matter of months.

    Reeflopumps are industrial grade equipment. When properly installed, they provide you with years of dependable, trouble free service.


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