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Please note: Live rock is sold per LB, not per piece.

RockGen’s aquacultured live rock is the most natural and cleanest form of live rock on the market.  MRG Live Rock is a beautiful porous rock filled with nooks and crannies and flocked with real live coralline algae.  Our rock starts with Marco Rock’s land-based fossilized Key Largo coral-rock.  RockGen then puts this Marco Rock into their massive  aquaculture greenhouse systems where they selectively cultivate the most ideal saltwater organisms.   With this sweet and simple process, this rock is completely natural because there is no use of any cement, artificial dyes, or paints, which are all potentially toxic.

RockGen Live Rock’s value is not just its eco-friendliness; its value is that  it is the safest way to start a new aquarium.  We all know one of the biggest challenges in new aquariums is combatting nuisance algae and invertebrates.   We feel the best solution is through prevention, and that’s why MRG’s Live Rock was seeded with only the most carefully quarantined and curated varieties of purple and red corallines, beneficial self-reproducing cerith and trochus snails, pods, and nitrifying bacteria.

New aquarists using wild live rock from the ocean often get overwhelmed with prolific hitchhikers like hydroids,  flatworms,  Bryopsis, Valonia, Aiptasia, fire coral, invasive sponges, and Mantis Shrimp.  Many of these critters are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of.  Wild ocean rock may be more colorful than aquacultured rock, but all of that colorful diversity carries a real risk of these hitchhikers, and that’s why RockGen is offering a product that doesn’t carry this risk and helps your customers get their tank started in the safest way possible.  RockGen has helped ensure the lowest hitchhiker risk by never having contact with wild live rock from the ocean nor has MRG rock ever touched the ocean or ocean water.  The system cultivates its rock in a closed land-based greenhouse using only high quality artificial saltwater mix by ESV.  

We hope you and you and your customers enjoy this beautiful rock and that it helps to make all your aquariums as healthy and clean as reeferly possible.

The live rock is also seeded with the highest quality nitrifying bacteria from Fritz Aquatics, and these rock systems are fed to keep the nitrifying bacteria levels high enough to support your fish and coral loads.   This means that no extra rock seeding is required once you get it home—this rock is FULLY CYCLED and ready to go!    
MRG prides itself for having no artificial cement or paints in their rocks.  It doesn’t get more natural than ancient coral rock cultured with real live corallines and other microfauna.  MRG also is proud to say that its rock has never touched the ocean or ocean rock, so it is as controlled as live rock can get!

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