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ReefBrite XHO LED Add-On Kit - FOR XR15

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ReefBrite XHO LED Add-On Kit - FOR Ecotech Radion XR15 - Includes Brackets, 2x  9-7/8" XHOs, Y Cable, & Power Supply

For Ecotech Radion XR15s (XR15 NOT included)

Dimensions:  Approx.12" x 10"

Reef Brite is excited to announce the new XHO-K15 LED ADD-ON KIT for Ecotech Radion XR15 fixtures with RMS mount or hanging kit. With a combined total of 16-3-Watt LED’s the Reef Brite XHO-K15 add on kit will increase intensity, PAR, color and pop while improving coverage and illuminating dead spots and shadow areas in your tank. Each kit includes two Reef Brite 10-inch Blue Actinic XHO’s, Reef Brite XHO-B30 brackets, 2-way connector, and power supply. The included XHO’s are dimmable and can be controlled with APEX controllers (Reef Brite APEX LED interface required sold separately). They can also be controlled using the new Reef Brite Wireless Bluetooth LE controller (Sold separately) which works with Apple and Android devices. Already own a pair of Reef Brite XHO’s? The Reef Brite XHO-B30 brackets are also available separately allowing you to mount 2-24″, 36”, 48”, 60” or 72” XHO units to your existing lighting set up.
Important please read all instructions carefully before installing your XHO-K15 LED ADD-ON KIT:
The complete ADD-ON KITS weight approximately 2 lbs. Reef Brite has gone through great care to ensure that the XHO-K30 LED ADD-ON KIT installs seamlessly to your fixture. Due to various tank sizes/glass thicknesses and older style mounts offered, before installing it is very important that you check your tank manufacturers specs as well as checking the mount you are using to ensure that it is compatible and can support the additional weight. Reef Brite will not be responsible for improperly installed kits or any damages that may result. 
When installing any lighting product, power supply, or controller
do not install in a manner that will allow any part or component to come in direct contact with water.
Reef Brite assumes no liability for incorrectly installed products.

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Installation Instructions for Reefbrite XHO LED Add-On Kit FOR XR15

XHO-K15 ADD-ON KIT Instructions.pdf