ReefBrite Controller Interface 2 - Dual Channel
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Item #: RB-CONT-INT2
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Do you have a Reef Brite LED or Lumi Lite LED fixture you would like to control with your APEX or other 0-10 volt controller?

Reef Brite control interface is available now and Apex certified! Works with all Reef Brite LED units. Note: On older XHO and Tech LED products dimming is limited to 1-10 volt enabling dimming to 10% before turning off completely. These units allow you to control XHO, Tech and Lumi Lite series LED units right from any 0-10 volt automated controller. APEX ready, the Reef Brite control interface works with any 0-10 volt controller and can handle up to 10 amps per channel. These allow plug and play control and plug in line between the fixture and power supply. Another exciting feature is that the RJ45 connector plugs directly into the main APEX (or similar) 0-10 volt controller and does not require any additional modules. Other connection options available for other controllers, contact us for more details. Single and dual channel models available. 

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