ReefBreeders Reef Power RP-M Powerhead (2600 GPH)
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ReefBreeders Reef Power RP-M Powerhead (2600 GPH)

The Reef Power RP-M is truly the first of its kind. Ultra compact yet super powerful, it’s the best of both worlds when it comes to water movers. The innovative impeller design reimagines the impeller. The Reef-Power RP-M is both wildly powerful and gentle on corals. The RP-M controller includes 7 modes, including an integrated timer that allows for unmatched customization with ease, and a powerful new Reverse flow mode, which quickly and effectively clears any detritus below the pump.
Our Reef Power RP-M pump protrudes less than 2 inches into your aquarium, yet provides over 2,600 gallons per hour of flow. The entire assembly is submersible, including the magnetic mounting system. Our pumps are well suited for installation on the back wall of your aquarium, where they disappear so completely, you will almost wonder where your water movement is coming from. Due to it’s incredible output range, the Reef Power RP-M can power display tanks ranging from 20-250 gallons.
The new 2019 model of the RPM includes our Fully-Featured Sine Wave DC Controller. The Sine Wave signal is a pump-specific control frequency that drastically reduces noise and increases pump reliability. Our smart controller has an LCD interface and includes 6 unique wave modes, including a reverse flow function. The controller has an integrated timer which allows you to set up to 6 different modes to run throughout each day. 10 minute and 20 minute feed modes can be activated manually, and a 1 hour or longer feed time can be set using the integrated timer. An onboard light sensor can be set to automatically reduce your pumps output when your lights are off. Onboard wireless linking allows multiple controllers to sync together for a variety of anti-sync pulse modes and synchronized timers and feed times.
The Reef Power RP-M features a wrap-around impeller, which has more than double the surface area of a conventional impeller. The impeller fins are specially angled to generate flow in multiple directions, simultaneously pushing water sideways and forwards. This creates an unmatched and incredibly unique flow pattern that is both powerful and gentle on corals.
The Reef Power RP-M is fully compatible with the Aqualink T1-V2 Adapter. With the Aqualink T1 V2 you can program your Reef Power RP-M pumps using a smartphone. Connect multiple Aqualink T1 V2s to your home’s 2.4Ghz WiFi network to perform advanced synchronized and anti-synchronized flow patterns and schedules. 
Flow Type
Broad, Turbulent Flow
Coverage Area
25-60 gallons, or 12-24" of tank per pump
Wave Strength
Low- Ideal for mixed reef/LPS
Product Dimensions
3" Diameter x 2" Length
GPH Range
300-2,600 GPH
7 Mode Flow Controller with onboard timer and wireless linking. 10 minute and 20 minute feed timer., Auto shutoff when pump runs dry, Sine wave noise reduction
Maximum Glass Thickness
Included Accessories
Controller, Manual, Power Supply
Actual Wattage Draw
36watts Max, 90-220V AC Input | 24V 1.5amp DC output
18 Months USA
3rd Party Control
app with Aqualink T1 V2
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