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ReefBreeders Prism Auto Top Off

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The Reef Breeders Prism-ATO  is designed to work with aquariums of all sizes, from pico desktops and All-in-One aquariums with limited space, to large reef tanks with full sumps. The Prism ATO has 3 sensors and registers your water level in a fraction of a second. It’s small platform allows it to be installed unobtrusively almost anywhere!
Fully Self-Contained.
The Reef Breeders Prism-ATO is fully self-contained, meaning the controller and sensors are all contained in one small central unit. There is one plug for power in, and another plug for power out to the pump (included). That’s it. No more controllers to mount in your aquarium stand.
Three Water Level Sensors Onboard.
Every Prism ATO includes 3 sensors to determine your aquariums water level.
Low Level: If water drops below this point, the pump will be activated until water hits the next sensor.
Fill Level: 1″ above the low level sensor, this sensor turns the fill pump off when it detects water.
High Level: 1″ above the fill level, and 2″ above the low level sensor, this sensor deactivates the pump when it senses water.
All Inclusive.
The Reef Breeders Prism-ATO includes everything you need to get started- Just add water! The Prism-Ato system includes the sensor and magnet mount, a small dc power supply, a pump, tubing, and a tubing holder that fits most aquarium rims. The magnet mount works with glass up to 1/2″ thick, and does not require a clear pane of glass to function.
Every Reef Breeders Prism-ATO includes a full 12 month USA warranty.

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