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Reef Kinetics Reefbot Lab - Automated Testing

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The ReefBot Lab is the latest ReefBot model with enhanced design and features, including 12 vials for more testing options.
The ReefBot Lab measures the levels of the most common tank parameters: Alkalinity (KH), Calcium (CA), Magnesium (Mg), Nitrate (NO3), Nitrite (NO2), Phosphate (PO4), Ammonia (NH3), Copper (Cu), Iodine (I2), Iron (Fe),  pH, pH High Range, pH Wide Range, and General Hardness (GH). Test kits brands and parameters are added regularly and you may ask for a certain test kit to be made compatible with your device by contacting that will study the feasibility and add it upon request.
Monitor your tank parameters
ReefBot Lab uses reagent-based method to autonomously measure the levels of the parameters in your tank. It currently measures Alkalinity (Alk), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Nitrate (NO3), Phosphate (PO4), Nitrite (No2) , Ammonia (NH3), Copper (Cu), Iodine (I2), pH, pH High Range and General Hardness (GH) with more parameters added regularly.
Supports multiple test kits
ReefBot Lab is configured to work with reagent test kits available on the market from the following brands: Salifert, Elos, Red Sea, Geismann, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, API and Colombo. Changing kits is as simple as selecting a brand and parameter on the mobile and web application.
What’s new?
Design – A whole new sept-agonal design with new mechanics that offers enhanced performance and faster results.
Reagent Slots – More is always better, yes, the ReefBot holds 12 reagent slots.
New Actuator – The new actuator is faster and has a smaller resolution than the original ReefBot.
More Precision – The ReefBot Lab is more precise in testing, supporting higher resolution titration tests, with a precision of 0.001 microliter (1μl).
Reagent Access – The new mechanism allows the needle to reach the bottom of the vial for maximum reagent usage
Reset Button – A reset button was added to give more flexibility and control over the Lab operations.
Quieter – The ReefBot Lab is ever more silent as we are trying to keep your testing as smooth as possible.
Easy Setup on any tank
The ReefBot Lab can be installed on any tank by simply immersing the inlet tube in the tank and connecting two tubes to RODI and waste containers or by placing the sample water inside a vial.
It connects to the internet through any wifi or ethernet network.
Controlled by Reef Kinetics Cloud Controller App
The ReefBot Lab is controlled from anywhere in the world through a mobile and web app with a simple interface to schedule and run tests, view all results and receive alerts when new test results are ready.
Automated testing of Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrate, Phosphate, Nitrite, Ammonia, Copper, Iodine, pH, pH High Range, General Hardness and more.
Easy installation on any tank, connects through wifi or ethernet.
ReefBot Lab is supplied with a 2 meters – 78.7″ tube to connect to your tank.
Our glass vials are 20ml. In some cases, you would need more than one test kit to fill the vials. 60ml vials are also available separately.
Schedule tests and receive alerts from anywhere through mobile, smart watches and web app.
Compatible with reagents from Salifert, Red Sea, Giesmann, Elos, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, API, Colombo, JBL, NYOS, Sera, Monitor, NTLABS and more.
Easy maintenance.
Package Weight: 440 oz (12Kg)
Package Size: 19.3″ x 16.5″ x 16.5″ (49 cm x42cm x42cm)
ReefBot Lab dimensions: 17.3″ (Depth) x 12.5″ (Width) x 12.5″ (Height) (44cm x 31cm x 31cm)
Power Supply: 100- 240V
Connectivity: Wifi/Ethernet
Reagent Slots: 12
In the Box: 1 ReefBot Lab – 12 20ml glass vials – 1 power supply – 3 tubes – 15 magnetic stirrers – 1 calibration kit – 12 vial labels – 5 needles – 5 sampling syringes – 2 dosing syringes
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the tests currently supported by the Reefbot Lab?
Today, the Reefbot can test the following parameters with test kits from those brands. We are regularly adding support for new elements and brands through software updates.
Saltwater Test Kits:
Alkalinity: Salifert, RedSea, Elos, API, Giesemann, Colombo, Tropic Marin, Tropic Marin Pro, Fauna Marin, NTLABS, Monitor, JBL, NYOS, AquaForest
Calcium: RedSea, API, Colombo
Magnesium: RedSea, Giesemann, Colombo
Nitrate: API, Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, NTLABS
Phosphate: Giesemann, API, RedSea, Fauna Marin, Colombo, Salifert, NTLABS, Elos, Tropic Marin
Nitrite: Tropic Marin, Fauna Marin, Elos, Colombo, Monitor, NTLABS
Ammonia: API, Giesemann, Elos, NTLABS, Salifert
Copper: Elos, API
Iodine: Giesemann, Colombo
pH High Range: API, NTLABS, Salifert, Monitor, Tropic Marin
pH Wide Range: API
Iron: JBL, Colombo, Giesemann, Elos
Freshwater Test Kits:
Ammonia: API, Colombo, Monitor
Nitrite: API, Colombo
Nitrate: API
pH: API, Elos, Monitor, NTLABS, JBL, Tropic Marin, Colombo
pH High Range: API
General Hardness: Colombo, API, Salifert, Tropic Marin, JBL, NTLABS, Elos
Alkalinity: Colombo, API, Monitor
How accurate are test results?
The test results received from the ReefBot Lab are as accurate as test kits. The ReefBot Lab interprets the colors and gives back results
How is the Reefbot Lab shipped?
The Reefbot Lab will be shipped within 2-4 weeks of placing an order (unless indicated otherwise at the time of order) through DHL express shipping. The ReefBot Lab is shipped directly to all countries.
Where can I buy test kits for my ReefBot Lab?
The test kits do not come with the ReefBot but can be bought online.
Saltwater Test Kits:
Alkalinity: Salifert (Buy Now), RedSea (Buy Now), Elos (Buy Now), API (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now)
Calcium: RedSea (Buy Now) , API (Buy Now)
Magnesium: RedSea (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
Nitrate: API (Buy Now), Tropic Marin (Buy Now), Fauna Marin (Buy Now)
Phosphate: Giesemann (Buy Now),  API (Buy Now), RedSea (Buy Now), Fauna Marin (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
Nitrite: Tropic Marin (Buy Now), Fauna Marin (Buy Now), Elos (Buy Now)
Ammonia: API (Buy Now), Giesemann (Buy Now)
Copper: Elos (Buy Now)
Iodine: Giesemann (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
pH High Range: API (Buy Now)
Iron: JBL (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
Freshwater Test Kits:
Ammonia: API (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
Nitrite: API (Buy Now), Colombo (Buy Now)
Nitrate: API (Buy Now)
pH: API (Buy Now)
pH High Range: API (Buy Now)
General Hardness: Colombo (Buy Now)
Alkalinity: Colombo (Buy Now)
What do I need to install the Reefbot Lab on my tank?
You do not need anything except a tank, internet connection and a mobile phone.
How do I get further support?
For any support related inquires , kindly contact us on

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