Reef Fanatic Solenoid Valve - 2 prong
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Item #: RF-CO2_SV-2
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110V electronic solenoid valve for CO2 regulator.
LED on/off light indicator
Power cord

Trade Size Threads per Inch Pitch Major Diameter (O.D.)
1/8 27 Inch mm Inch mm
0.03704 0.94082 0.405 10.29


Which is the output on the silver box, A or B? 
These are interchangable.
My solenoid seems to be stuck, how do I fix this?
This can sometimes happen with all solenoids, but there is an easy fix!  Just removed the 4 screws from the silver box, and add a small amount of vegetable oil to the inner workings.  Replace the box and tighen the screws back down.  This will help lubricate the valve and should get you back up and running!  Regular maintenance like this should be done on the valve to ensure it doesn't seize up on you.
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