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Reef Factory Level Keeper

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Level keeper
Modern smart devices - apart from the traditional functionalities offered by other products, deliver numerous improvements in aquarium management, ensure safety and give access to important information, safeguarding the health of the animals kept in your marine aquarium.
Level keeper - a modern device that monitors liquid levels and automatically refills evaporated water in your aquarium.
Thanks to modern technologies, this device can automatically refill water in your aquarium and inform you about how much water has been added each day. Additionally, it lets you turn the refill system on and off remotely. You may add individual amounts of water remotely, specify the frequency of water level checks and much more. You can also access the history of water refilling operations carried out in a given period.
Data can be previewed online and the device can be configured via a browser on a laptop or an application on a smartphone. 
You don’t need any external computers to connect the device via a Wi-Fi network. The device has everything you need.
Product bullet points: 
the device controls the pump plugged to the socket to refill the evaporated water in the aquarium
alerts about too high level water in the sump 
it turns off the pump if it runs for too long time (protects against work without water)
shows the statistics of refilled water 
traditional reliable and proven level sensors 
temporary device shutdown option for water change activity
New features:
Set up one sensor higher and one lower. The higher will alarm you when the water level in your aquarium is too high. 
Maximum pump work time. You can set the maximum plugged pump work time.
Temporary device off. You can set a break for you device. This feature can help during automatic water change. The device start work normally after a set time. 

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