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Reef Brite Pendant 150W DE

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Reef Brite
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  • The Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant is simply one of the finest compact metal halide fixtures money can buy.
  • With its space age fanless design the Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant runs cooler, and produces more light than any other compact metal halide system available.
  • Because of its amazing output many public aquariums and aquaculture facilities are saving energy by using the Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant system to replace larger metal halide systems.
  • The secret to the Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendants design is that it is actually two systems working together to minimize heat and maximize light output.
  • The inner fixture made from 95% reflective highly polished aluminum is actually a closed reflector system that not only maximizes light output but also helps to maintain the optimum operating temperature of the lamp itself so that it can function properly and produce the most light.
  • The external part of the fixture is specially designed to quickly dissipate heat generated from the lamp itself eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans that often burn out causing other lighting systems to fail.
  • Nearly all the light produced by the lamp itself is directed out of the pendant and into the aquarium increasing light output and eliminating heat buildup.
  • The Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant actually produces 25% more light output and gives off less heat than other metal halide pendant systems.
  • When combined with their digitally controlled electronic ballast the Reef Brite Metal Halide system also uses 25% less energy than other metal halide systems.
  • Due to its high luminous efficacy (lumens per watt) the Reef Brite Metal Halide system is just as energy efficient to operate as comparable T5 and LED based lighting systems.
  • The Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant is constructed from anodized aluminum that is specially powder coated to keep The Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant looking like new even after years of operation.
  • Includes tempered glass lens to protect the lamp and reflector system from salt spray.
  • The tempered glass lens is easily removed for leaning or lamp replacement allowing easy service even with the fixture suspended.
  • Actinic blue LED system available and mounts directly to The Reef Brite Metal Halide Pendant. (sold separately)
  • 15” x 8.75” x 4.5”

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