Reef Brite Moonlight Modular
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The Reef Brite Moonlight Module is designed to initiate a moonlight mode in any Reef Brite Led Strip Light. The Moonlight Module will work with any AC timer or aquarium controller (Check installation instructions), and easily installs in line with any Reef Brite LED product.

1. Make sure that the power supply attached to the designated Reef Brite LED Strip Light is unplugged from the AC outlet, and is disconnected from the Led Strip light.
2. Install the Moonlight Module in between the designated Reef Brite LED Strip and the power supply.
3. If applicable, plug the AC timer into a G.F.I. outlet (Recommended).
4. Plug the Moonlight Module into the AC timer or available ON/OFF outlet provided by an aquarium controller.
5. Plug in the power supply originally supplied with the Reef Brite LED Strip Light into a G.F.I. outlet (Recommended).
6. Adjust the Moonlight Module to the desired setting.

Installation tip: The Reef Brite Moonlight Module can be plugged directly into any GFI. outlet while adjusting to the desired setting.
Warning: When installing or servicing any electrical equipment it is recommended that you consult with your local electrician. Failure to do so can result in serious injury or death.

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