Reef Brite 72 Lumi Lite White LED Strip Light - RETURN MYSTERY
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RETURN MYSTERY - Another return that got buried in office, so unkown when it came back, so we will do 30 day money back guarantee, but might be expired factory warranty - Save 50%

Measuring less than 0.5 inches high and 1.25 inches wide, the Reef Brite Lumi Lite looks as great as it performs. Featuring a high power LED array, the Lumi Lite promotes growth while enhancing color in corals, invertebrates and fish. The Lumi Lite is available in a wide variety of configurations to suit marine/reef and freshwater applications. Featuring 50/50, Actinic, and Full Spectrum White, The Lumi Lite includes power supply and mounting legs and is compatible with popular LED ramp timers.
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