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Reef Brite 54 Watt T5 HO Actinic Blue

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T5 Shipping Quantity Minimum:  Due to increase in damages in transit for single lamp orders, we are requiring any orders that contain T5 lamps to have a qty of at least 2 to help give a bit more overall strength to the lamp grouping. 


The Reef Brite LUMINARY Series offers aquarium-specific lamps designed to meet the demanding needs of most any conceivable system. As per the namesake, LUMINARY bulbs provide excellent quality via specific and combined light spectra.

The fluorescent lamp focus ranges include:

    Full Spectrum (a 10,000 K white lamp tailored to promote both growth and color in reef aquaria)

    Actinic (a powerful supplement to stimulate fluorescence with beneficial UVA)

    Actinic Blue (a powerful supplement to stimulate fluorescence with a focus on the 460nm region)

    50/50 (balanced light for viewing, health and growth).

Customer Reviews

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Dont buy! Feb 24, 2018
I'll start off by saying, nothing but love ore Premium Aquatics. You guys set me up with a fantastic calcium reactor and even did some modifications for me. Top notch customer service. That being said. STAY AWAY from these bulbs. They're touted as a 1/2 price ATI Blue+. They LOOK good. They look identical to the blue+ bulb, so they've got that going for them. But...I installed 4 of these bulbs in my ATI Sunpower (properly cooled, working fans, NOT crammed in a canopy), and within 2 months 3 of them have burned out already. I was willing to give them a pass when the first one burned out within the first few weeks of using it. Fine. Lemons happen, but 3/4 duds within 2 months is inexcusable. I know reefbrite has a decent reputation for making some very usable led strips and halide reflectors, but these bulbs are pure trash. Fix your manufacturer, fix your formula, fix SOMETHING. You get less than what you pay for with these. Half priced vs the competition, yet they burn out in the blink of an eye. Going back to my ATI/Giesemann mixture