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Red Sea Skeletal Elements (Reef Foundation ABC+) - 5kg *BUCKET*

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"Foundation and trace element supplement for balanced formation of coral skeleton
Ca | Mg | KH | Sr| Ba | K | I
SKELETAL ELEMENTS  is a blend of all of the corals foundation elements of coral skeletons: Calcium, magnesium, strontium & carbonate,  with the addition of potassium, bromine and iodine in the unique ratio required by corals.
All of these elements need to be available in balanced proportions for positive coral health and growth.
 Red Sea’s SKELETAL ELEMENTS  is a uniquely formulated powder supplement containing all of the elements of Foundation A, B & C, plus Red Sea’s Coral Colors A & B (potassium, boron, iodine & bromine) formulated in the exact ratio as found in the coral skeleton.
Although there are slight differences between the coral species, the mean ratio between these elements is fairly constant. Supplementing all of these elements in a fixed ratio according to the uptake of calcium will ensure an accurate replenishment based on the metabolic demands of the corals.
SKELETAL ELEMENTS  should be dosed on a daily or weekly basis according to the aquarium type and according to a measured uptake of calcium. Over time an imbalance may occur between the foundation elements.
If dosing daily, you should test all of the foundation elements weekly and make adjustments with the individual A, B & C supplements. If dosing weekly you should test all of the foundation elements monthly and make adjustments with the individual A, B & C supplements.
1g will raise the Ca level of 100 liters (25 gal) by 1.5ppm

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