Red Bubble (Rose) Anemone - Tank Raised
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Our Rose Anemones are tank raised from a local source, making them very hardy speciman and sustainble. 
The Rose, or Red bubble anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) is one of the most sought out anemones because of it's beauty and being one of the more hardy anemones. They prefer intense lighting, but will do just fine under T5's, LEDs etc. They will host to most species of clownfish, although can never guarantee the clown will take to it. 
It gets it's name Bubble anemone due to the large bulb bubble looking tips on the tentacles, but depending on your water flow they can look bulb to no bulb tip at all and more like a long tentacle anemone.  You can keep multiple Red Bubbles and Green Bubbles together without the species fighting each other. 
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