Puratek Auto Level Controller with Water Pump
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There are two options for the Puratek ATO; one system comes with a small pump to transfer makeup water from a reservoir into the main tank and the other system comes with a solenoid valve for connection to an R/O filtration system.
Either system comes with only one level sensor to monitor the normal level. You can add up to three additional sensors for monitoring low and high tank levels and low reservoir levels

The Auto Level Controller, an Auto Top-Off system, is an ideal addition to any aquarium system. It is natural for water to evaporate on a daily basis and requires constant attention to maintain proper water levels. If not maintained on a regular basis in saltwater systems, the salinity will rise as the water evaporates because salt will not evaporate. These fluctuations in salinity can cause undue stress to your inhabitants.Using an auto top off system alleviates the daily activity of having to add fresh water on a regular basis. Performing this aquarium husbandry is a tedious, unrewarding task and can leave you in despair if not done properly.
This modern approach to auto level controlling is ground breaking to the industry and offers features never seen before in such an important piece of equipment seldom overlooked.

Included in the box:
Auto Level Control Unit
12Vdc Pump
Power Supply
One Level Sensor
The Auto Level controller is…
…the only auto-top-off system with non-moving and non-intrusive level sensors. These level sensors never come in contact with the water and will monitor level directly through the filter or aquarium walls.
…the only auto-top-off system that is fully programmable for max-run-times, hysteresis and level sensor. Which mean it is the most flexible and versatile system available today.
…the only auto-top-off system that can be fully integrated into a full function monitoring/control system. The Auto Level Controller can directly interface to the Insight 24/7 Monitor/Controller. Have complete piece of mind knowing when and how much top-off water is being added along with the ability to maximize control of your system in the event something goes wrong. When integrated with the Insight 24/7 you can receive emails when levels are not right allowing you time to react.
Nano Tank Compatible
… ideal for smaller systems like Nano tanks with no space to accommodate mechanical sensors. The non-intrusive level sensors stick easily and quickly on the outside of the tank in the rear so they are not visible and out of the way.
…the only auto-top-off system to allow firmware upgrades to be performed. Take advantage of newly developed features and get them for free. This feature does require integration to the Insight 24/7.
Depending on what system is purchased, it comes equipped with either a low voltage pump or solenoid valve and one level sensor for normal water level. Up to three additional sensors are available and can be added at any time for monitoring high and low aquarium levels as well as low makeup water reservoir levels.
Maintains consistent salinity
Non-intrusive sensors that attach to outside of aquarium or sump so no worry about sticky or leaking mechanical sensors. Also snails or crabs will not interfere with operation
85 dB Audible alarm to notify of abnormal high or low water level or if the maximum water make up time has been exceeded
 Standby switch – Temporarily disable level control while performing maintenance; for example, water changes or cleaning that could false trigger sensors
Alarm reset/program mode switch – silence alarm or initiate program to allow custom settings for max run time, hysteresis and level sensor selection
Supports up to four level sensors for normal (makeup control), low, high and top-off reservoir levels
Controls top-off water pump in makeup water reservoir or solenoid valve for connection directly to R/O filtration system
Low voltage 12VDC control for safety and low power consumption
Programmable max-run-timer counters to prevent top-off water running too long in the event sensor fails
Programmable hysteresis setting to control time delays in activating alarms or control due to water ripple or other disturbances in the water that could cause false alarms or control
Status LED for each level sensor for easy sensor status and program mode indicators
Processor controlled to maximize flexibility and expandability in feature offering and upgrades
Interfaces to Insight 24/7 Monitor/Controller for complete system integration for…
Audible and remote email alarming
Maximize system control in the event water levels are incorrect – shut pumps or chillers off to prevent damage
Notifications of  when top-off water is being added
Keep log of how often top-off water is being added
Perform firmware upgrades
Wall plug transformer, regulated 12Vdc, 24W maximum
Short circuit protected
Chord length: 6’ (1520mm +/-100)
Low level sensor input
Normal level sensor input
High Level sensor input
Low Reservoir sensor input
CTL, control output for one pump or Solenoid – 12V, 10W maximum
P-Link Input/Output – Interface to Insight 24/7
Standby – Pauses monitor/control mode
Alarm Reset – Silences audible alarm
Note: Selecting Standby and reset switch simultaneously enter programming mode
Status Indicators
Low level LED
Control/Max-Run-Time exceeded LED
High level LED
Low reservoir level LED
Audible 85dB alarm
Note: All LED’s are used to indicate programming, monitor, standby and alarm status.
5.4”W X 3.7”HX1”D
 (depending on which package purchased, will come with pump or solenoid)
Brushless, Submersible 20,000 hour life<40dB with distance of 3’12V, 6W Static lift 8’
Static flow rate .9gal/min.
Outlet diameter – 8.5mm
2-Way Direct Acting
Normally Closed
22 SCFM @100 PSI
Pressure: Vacuum to 115 PSI
Response Time <20msec
Wetted Surfaces: Nylon Plastic and Stainless Steel12V, 8W
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