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PURA Media Sock 7.75" DIA

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Professional Grade Media Enclosure

PURA Media Sock is designed to work in sumps and drip trays of wet-dry and pond filters. 300-micron mesh size, 7.75" DIA and 36" long with closed bottom it can be stratched to over 10" DIA size and hold safely a very large amount of any filtration media.

PURA Media Sock is washable and reusable and is completely safe for fresh and saltwater applications.

A Must To Have For Wet-Dry And Pond Filters

300-micron 7.75" DIA, 36" Long filtration sock with closed bottom

300-micron stratchable inert polyester mesh.

To be used in fresh and saltwater aquarium filtration applications for confining large amounts of bulk medias.

300-micron mesh keeps media in preventing fines from washing out of the sock. Unique stratchable mesh makes it very flexible and convenient to use across many applications.

Currently there are no similar products on the market.


How do I use PŪRA Media Sock
Select media according to your application.

For small drip tray the sock does not need to be tied. Fill with appropriate amount of media, fold the loose end underneath the filled section and bring back and over the top at the opposite end. Even out the media uniformly across the tray.

For wet (sump application) fill with enough material to form a "media sausage" completely across the width of the sump. This ensures optimal and most efficient chemical filtration without water bypass. Tie a knot in the bag at a point that maintains the shape of your "media sausage" and pull relatively tight. The maximum recommended length for a "media sausage" is 26 inches, this leaves enough sock for tying a secure knot.

PURA Filtration Sock can be washed and reused several times.


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