Prodibio CalciReef+ - 10 vials
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Prodibio CalciReef +

Hydro-gel for maintaining levels of Calcium, Magnesium, and part of the Alkalinity.

A large number of marine organisms such as corals and coralline calcifying algae use calcium and carbonates to synthesize their rigid structures.  These algae also have important requirements in magnesium, an element inhibiting the precipitation of calcium in the form of insoluble calcium carbonate, this allowing higher calcium concentrations in the water.  The carbonate and hydrogen carbonate ions are responsible for the major part of global alkalinity, and their buffer capacity reduces pH variants, harmful for aquariums.

As a result, it is important to compensate for the consumption of these elements by regular additions.  This is why CalciReef+ provides calcium and magnesium.  It also progressively liberates, under the action of BioDigest's bacteria, hydrogen carbonate ions from the acetate in the calcium hydro-gel.  This gradually regenerates part of the lost alkalinity of your aquarium.

Average dose: 1 vial of CacliReef+ per week.

Nevertheless, it is important to measure the aquarium's calcium consumption, depending on its size and populate, and readjust the calcium concentration around 450mg/L.

Each vial of CalciReef+ contains 1000mg of calcium, 50 mg of magnesium, and 915mg of progressively-liberated hydrogen carbonate (which equals 15 meq/L, or 750 ppm CaCO3, or 42dKH.

For example, if your tank is 200L/50G and uses up 2.5mg/L per week (which equals 200x2.5=500mg), one vial of CalciReef+ every 15 days is enough.  For the same volume, but with a weekly consumption of 7mg/L (corresponding to 1.4 vials per week), add one vial every 5 days.  A slight overdose in not an issue.

The calcification reaction uses calcium, but also carbonates, thus decreasing alkalinity.  For that reason, it is recommended to add two cials of AlkaReef+ for every vial of CalciReef+ you use. Wait at least half an hour between the addition of CalciReef+ and AlkaReef+.

The synergy between those two products generates an ionic balance close to natural sea water, but it is still recommended to perform regular water changes.

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