Premium Aquatics 24 inches MARLLIN SHEARS
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Premium Aquatics 24 inches MARLLIN SHEARS

 Marllin shear is great for in-tank cutting leafs, soft corals and more. We have designed this product for reefers to facilitate them in maintaining their tanks' beautification with minimum hassle. Marllin™ shears is a new addition to our aquatic tool collection. Marllin shear is great for in-the-tank cutting aqua plant leafs, soft corals and thin hard corals and more.
This is not any plastic toy shear, it's real shear with long shank to reach areas where normally your hand can not reach. It is made with stainless steel. It can cut just about any thing in the reef tank!!
Recommendation: We recommend purchasing Marllin Forceps along with Marllin™ shears. Once the trimming is done in the tank you can use Marllin Forceps to pick the debris up conveniently.
Care: Rinse under tap water after use in the reef tank.
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