Precision Marine R36 Pro Refugium
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Precision Marine Pro Series Refugiums offers additional features to our Classic Series Refugiums. 
The Pro Series utilize the Precision Marine Quiet-Flow system to route aquarium water into the reservoir and over the micron bags. This is accomplished by using a baffle to isolate the water, control any turbulence and then direct that gentle flow of water into the micron bags.
We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic Anywhere!
Key Features
Premium, optical-grade, cast acrylic construction throughout. NEVER and cost-cutting extruded acrylic 
¼" thick acrylic used on EVERY piece. NO cost-cutting .220 or thinner material as seen on our competitors
White baffles block light and prevent undesirable algae growth in other chambers.
Single or Dual - 100 or 200 micron bags for mechanical filtration
½” heavy weight, high density polyethylene lid over micron bags provides easy access to micron bags
⅜” thick, heavy-duty micron bags bracket w/precision-machined openings for micron bag flange
Dual or Triple Drains
Final mechanical sponge chamber with sponge
4 or 5 space tubing holders for dosing or top-off
Full top provides bracing on all sides
3D Slotted/Grooves for a perfect sheet of water & to strain any algae from refugium section to protect water pump.
Magnetic probe-holder option gives you the ability to place your probes exactly where you want them.
Large Protein Skimmer Section
We do not use .177 or .220 Acrylic as seen on many other brands. 


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