Poseidon 400 Ozone Generator
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Poseidon Series Ozone Generators
When it comes to ozone reactors the Poseidon is a class leader by constantly outperforming its competition.  With an adjustable output, and patented cold-spark corona discharge technology, no other ozone generator come close to its performance in its price range.  With serviceable parts, and great customer service, Ozotech only does ozone and we do it very well.
The ozone technology inside the Poseidon 400 produces 220 mg/hr of ozone on low
mode and 440 mg/hr of ozone on high mode. The power supply converts 110-220 VAC/
50-60Hz to 12 VDC to operate with safe, low voltage operation.
Electrical Usage:
8.4 Watts to 15.6 Watts
Operating Voltage:
110/220 50/60 Hz
regulated to 12 VC/2amps
Variable Output:
220mg/hr. (low)
440mg/hr. (high)
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