PO4-MINUS (phosphate Reducer)
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Together with a Protein Skimmer, this product provides an efficient export & dramatic reduction of Phosphate (PO4) in marine fish & reef aquariums. Much easier to use and more efficient than any PO4-absorbing sponge, media, or freeze-dried bacterial product. It simply converts your protein skimmer into a "PO4 Exporter"!

Even minute level of PO4 can be responsible for unwanted hairy & red cyanobacterial algae growth, as well as the presence of "foamy" water. See the dramatic increase of PO4-saturated skimmate being pumped out from your protein skimmer before your very eyes! And verify the result with any PO4 test kit.

Under the most optimum condition, PO4-Minus brings down your system`s PO4 level from as high as 3 ppm down to 0.5 ppm in 24 hours. Depending on the water chemistry and starting level of PO4, a slower response time which is about 0.04ppm of PO4-drop/usage of PO4-MinusTM should be expected. Its de-phosphate effect is not as gradual as AZ-NO3TM``s de-nitrate effect, expect an abrupt drop (ie: Near zero) in PO4 on around the 4th—5th day. Best to be used with the Korallin S-Plus Trace Elements to maintain a healthy kH.

Extensive testing indicates that it can be used with the AZ-NO3TM as well with no loss in potency in either product! They are best to be used together if you want an extremely low NO3 and PO4 marine environment. This product has been overdosed 10 times in our aquaria for many occasions to show its harmlessness to reef animals. Most of its users in Germany use this product once per week to control the PO4 in their fish-mainly aquaria which require constant and large amount of feeding. 500 mL & 5 L.

Shake well before use. 2—5ml for every 100 litres. Test water for PO4 after 24 hours of treatment. Repeat if necessary. Water may be cloudy for a short time. Watch kH & ORP closely. kH cannot fall below 5. If it does, use Korallin S-Plus Trace Elements, or other kH Buffers.

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