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Note: Includes lid only, jar not included.  We were able to confirm the 2 gallon Anchor Hocking Heritage Jar will work with these lids, which should be able to be purchased at walmart, or online (although cheaper if picked up at your local store).  There may be other jars that will work as well, but we would highly recommend test fitting before purchasing.
Elegant design
The PicoPro Reef system is suitable for most types of coral, small fish and invertebrates. Charming design, furniture grade appearance and easy maintenance make this system ideal for anyone interested in starting a reef aquarium.
High power LED system
The PicoPro features a 24w, 2 channel LED system capable of producing up to 750 PAR at full brightness. There are 2  independently dimmable channels to adjust the light output to a suitable level of brightness and spectrum. Proprietary circuit and spectrum designed to ignite coral growth. All aluminum casing and heatsink function to dissipate heat quickly.
Style options
Available in 5 different colors to match the style of your home. Choose between antique copper, red, silver, white or black. 
Just 10 minutes of maintenance once per week. 
Completely silent operation fits well in living area, bedroom or kitchen.
Very low evaporation no additional top-off needed.
No cable clutter.
Peace of mind - inherently leak proof, no internal equipment failures.
LED diffuser lens prevents disco effect, mixes and evenly distributes spectrum. Prevents shaded areas commonly seen with most LED fixtures.
1 gallon weekly water change provides all maintenance.
Fish and inverts cannot jump out.
Energy efficient very low operation cost.
What's In the Box:
PicoPro LID (Jar not included)
Dimmer Controller
Power Supply
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