Orange Delight Acan Echinata
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As orange an Acanthastrea echinata as can be found in the reefing hobby. Under actinic lighting this strain will radiate with tangerine goodness from across the room.

Light Requirement: Moderate, middle to bottom of a typically-lit reef

Flow Requirement: Low to Moderate

Aggressiveness: Moderate, slow growing but strong sweeper tentacles

Difficulty: Moderate, demands pristine water quality and space to encrust

About ReefGen
ReefGen produces premium aquacultured coral, invertebrates, fish and sharks. There farm is located at the Long Island Aquarium, a public aquarium, in Riverhead, NY. Here, curator Joe Yaiullo and his talented staff of professional aquarists are famed for their extraordinary accomplishments in aquaculture of marine ornamentals.
Joe’s 12 year-old 20,000 gallon reef tank is renowned as the largest collection of captive grown coral in the world. ReefGen was founded by Laura Birenbaum and Justin Credabel who have worked with the aquarium to develop their captive breeding projects into a sustainable resource for the marine aquarium trade. ReefGen strives to provide the aquarium industry with a healthy domestic alternative to imported marine animals. There extraordinary selection of coral propagated from Joe’s reef is supplemented with extremely rare captive bred animals including candy basslets, flamboyant cuttlefish, and chain cat sharks.
All frags are true tank raised specimens. No wild tissue in Reef Gen frags. The pieces run smaller then most other brand frags, but they quality is 2nd to none. There is a huge difference from a true tank raised frag from generations of cuttings, compared to companies importing wild colonies and just chopping them up and selling as cheap frags. 
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