Octopus Pellet Reactor 5.5" diameter x 14.5"
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Rated up to: 475 gallons
Holds: 2000ml | Dim: 8.3″ x 8.3″ | Body Diameter: 5.5"″ | Height: 20.9″
Requires feed pump: 800~1000gph


Solid Construction
Reverse Cone Dispersement Plate
UpperContainment Screen
Union Fittings
Check Valve

Biopellet Reactor specifically designed for the use of solid carbon dosing biopellets
These Revolutionary Media Reactors have a fluidizing cone bottom design to help keep the Biopellet media in suspension and evenly disperse the water upwards, without restricting the flow through the unit. These advanced reactor units also includes fastening screws on the lid for a sure tight seal and a mesh NEW durable acrylic screen to keep the biopellets within the reactor without the risk of restricting flow or clogging like other media reactors on the market. These units come in 3 different sizes.

Recommended Tank Size Up to 475 Gallons
Capacity: 4600ml
Suggested Amount: 2000ml*

Diameter: 5.5″ | Height: 21″
Footprint: 7″ x7″ - 8.3" with lid
Input & Output: ½” Direct PVC or barb fittings ½" or 5/8” barb fittings

- BioSphere Media
- Feed Pump producing ~1000Gph with valve
- Hoses

Warranty - 1 year warranty on reactor body.

*depends on brand of BioPellet media used.
Note: BioSphere media recommended

Octopus Pellet Reactor
Model Diameter Height
BR-70 2.75" 14.5"
BR-110 4.3" 14.5"
BR-140 5.5" 14.5"

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