Octopus Neck Extension 250
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Simple way to increase dwell time

    Provides Greater Control
    Solid Construction
    Silicone O-ring Seal

Stackable Neck Extension for Reef Octopus Skimmers

These stackable extensions are designed to extend the neck of Reef Octopus skimmer to achieve greater improvements in filtration and refined control. By adding onto the length of your skimmers neck you increase dwell time achieving greater contact time with dissolved organics and allow for higher internal water height settings. This is an easy way to upgrade the performance of an existing Reef Octopus skimmer without having to purchase a new skimmer.

NOTE: The "Twist & Lock" extensions for the Elite and Prime skimmers are white pvc and& the traditional o-ring extensions are only available in black acrylic.

Fits Reef Octopus Skimmer Models

Model Number Height* Fits Following Reef Octopus Skimmers
110 2"  CLSC-110(int/ext), SRO-1000int, XP-1000int, XP-1000ext, NWB-110, DNW-110
150 2" CLSC-150(int/ext), Regal 150(int/sss), SRO-2000int, SRO-1000ext, NWB-150, DNW-150, POV-DC1, Diablo DCS-150int
160 3" CLSC-160, DDNWB-150, XS160(Extreme-Diablo)
170 3" SRO-2000ext, XP-2000int, SSS-1000int, XP-1000sss, Diablo DCS-170, Regal 170(int,sss,ext)
200 3" CLSC-200(int/ext), CLSC-225, Regal 200(int/sss/ext), Regal 220(int/sss/ext), SRO3000(int/ext), XP2000(sss/ext), NWB/DNWB200, XP3000(int/ext/sss), XS200(Extreme/Diablo), Diablo XS225, Diablo DCS200(int/ext), POV-DC2 & DC3
250 3" Regal 250(int/sss/ext), SRO-5000(int/ext/sss), DDNWB250, XP5000(int/ext), Diablo XS250, Diablo DCS-250(int/ext)
300 3.5" Regal 300(int/sss/ext), SRO-6000ext, TDNWB300, XS300 (Extreme/Diablo), XS350 (Extreme/Diablo), Diablo DCS 300(int/ext)


*Height refers to distances marked below:


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