NEWA Original Maxi Power Head - MP 1200
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Maxi Power Head - MP 1200 (Original Italian made MJ1200)
The NEWA Maxi Power Head Flow Pump MP 1200 is a state of the art, multi use submersible pump designed to create adjustable water currents and power under gravel filters. Featuring an aeration attachment with a silencer and a fully rotational flow outlet, you will be able to control the exact direction of the flow to benefit your specific tank the most. With all of the power and functionality of this unit, you will be surprised to learn it is also energy efficient, not needing more than 20 watts to intake up to 317 GPH. The motor is created to be as quiet as possible while still protecting itself from overheating. The sleek and compact NEWA Maxi Power Head Flow Pump MP 1200 is equally functional in both freshwater and saltwater habitats and includes grid support for the optional addition of a foam cartridge, which is not included with this unit.
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